Pastoral Council Minutes - November 16, 2016

Pastoral Council Minutes
November 16,2016

The meeting was called to order by Father Moszur followed with an opening prayer. Roll call was taken all present except Tom Michalak and Fran Pavnica (was excused). The minutes from the meeting of October 24,2016 were approved by Lynn Strom and seconded by Carol Pisowicz.

Old Business:
  • Review of goals, effectiveness of implementation ,new goalsGreeters. Must get more and enlist those in the entries to be sure to welcome people as they enter church.Technology- Per Dan the website, Mass intentions and all other information on the website are current.
  • Mass To Mission-There was a good response to the second session.
  • Synod The Synod is tomorrow October 25th from 6 to 9.
  • CSA Fran was absent but Father Moszur said we have not yet met our goal. We have to make our obligation to the diocese out of parish funds from Sunday collections. We still have 2 checks from the Choice System but they come next year.
  • Joy of the Gospel Table till November.
New Business:
  • Our church will be 50 years old (1967). Need to assemble a committee from Pastoral Council and the parish to see what events we will have examples: Choir concert (adult & children) raise funding for the new organ. When to have a dinner and where etc. etc. Also we need to select a date for Bishop Hying to come and celebrate Mass. Marianne Bodnar will chair the event and can be reached at 661-1419. She will organize an initial meeting.
  • Chair lift can't be fixed and cost of elevator is too much. Will install railings on cafeteria entrance before bazaar.
Commission Reports:
  • Liturgical Life: Too many funerals (6) this week.
  • Peace and Social Justice: November 12 and 13th is the Fair Trade sale. WE will have double the amount for sale, also we will not have to pay for the return.
  • Educational Life :Boo Bash Friday October 28. Also trunk or treat ,games and themes in place of Halloween. Confirmation meeting coming up November 3rd reconciliation (Penance),November 17th
  • Family Life: Marriage Prep is changing. The new rite will go into effect either December or January 1.Also couples of Latin tradition will be able to have the coins (supporting family) and laso tradition (tying the couple together).
  • November agenda will include a Synod report, Anniversary committee and usual.
Closing prayer by Father Moszur was the Glory Be.
Respectfully submitted: Kathy Gortat
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