The Paschal Fast: “The Paschal Fast must be kept sacred. It should be celebrated everywhere on Good Friday, and where possible should be prolonged throughout Holy Saturday” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy # 110) Good Friday through Holy Saturday: These days are marked by fasting and by abstinence from meat. Please note that these days are not part of Lent or the Lenten Fast. The Paschal Fast is a fast of anticipation. The observance of this most ancient fast is a solemn way to prepare ourselves for the reception of the Easter Communion.

How do we fast?
The customary fast: This fast allows for only one full meal to be taken during the day. 2 smaller meals are permitted, if necessary, to maintain strength according to one’s needs. Eating solid foods between meals is not permitted.

The fast of the early church: This fast begins upon rising. No meals are taken until the customary work day (5pm) is ended. A glass of juice may be taken in the morning and simple liquids such as water, coffee and tea, during the day. The fast ends with a brief prayer followed by an adequate meal. For many this may work as a more natural way to fast. 

Age guidelines for fasting: Fasting is to be observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday by all Catholics who have celebrated their 18th birthday and who have not yet celebrated their 59th birthday. 

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Faith Formation

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REL ED OFFICE IS OPEN! Office Hours are Monday-Thursday  8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
                                                                             Friday - Office is closed
                         Enter at Door C - Room 10. Please call for an appointment. Wear a mask.

REL ED CLASSES    TUESDAY   5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

     Due to COVID -19, classes are being held using Zoom platform. Most classes are 40 minutes long.
     If you need to register your child, please call the Rel Ed office at 219-972-6388 to make an appointment. 
     If you are new to our Rel Ed program, bring your child's Baptismal certificate.  
     Openings are available at all grades 1-8!

CATECHISTS FOR REL ED- Thank you so much to the following men and women who volunteer to share our Catholic Faith with our children:
           Mrs. Jamie Krull - Grade 1           Mrs. Teresa Carstensen - Grade 2      Mrs. Adriana Godinez - Grade 3
           Mrs. Donna Velez - Grade 4         Mrs. Susan Peters - Grade 5               Mr. Terry Ostrowski - Grade 6
           Mr. Paul Han - Grade 7                Mrs. Cay Komyatte - Grade 8

ALPHA is a series that explores the Christian faith. The session is from Sept. 17- Oct. 22 from 7-8:30 p.m. The session includes fellowship, a 30-minute video and small group discussion where you can share your thoughts or just listen. There is NO follow up, NO charge and NO homework! ALPHA is for anybody. Join us on Zoom and see if it's for you!
SIGN UP by visiting the St. Michael parish website at stmichaelparish.life or call Carol at 219-765-8600.

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