Mass Schedule --- Mass Intentions


Weekday Mass Resumes June 1st



Saturday Vigil:

    4:30 PM

Sunday Masses:

  8:00 AM
10:30 AM
  5:30 PM

Daily Masses
Monday - Friday:

    8:30 AM

Saturday Mass:
    8:30 AM 

Saturday: 3 - 4 PM 
After 4:30 PM Mass


Monday - Friday:
    8:00 AM

    8:30 AM


Sunday, August 2—18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    8:00 am
People of Our Lady of Grace
     In Memory of John Revak Jr. Int. M/M Patrick and Patricia Maman
    10:30 am † Ignacio Flores Int. Lucy, Carlos and Lourdes Martinez
     Steve and Mary Kuric Int. Daughter, Joan Kuric
    5:30 pm Mass Resuming at later date TBD (To Be Determined).

Monday, August 3—Weekday

    8:30 am †
Donna Mohan Int. Ed Mohan

Tuesday, August 4—St. John Vianney, Priest

    8:30 am †
Leon Langner Int. Loving Family

Wednesday, August 5—St. Martha

    8:30 am †
Ted Gutierrez Int. Joe and Delores Sroka

Thursday, August 6—The Transfiguration of the Lord

    8:30 am †
John Baranowski Int. Family

Friday, August 7—Weekday

    8:30 am †
John and Kay Livingstone Int. Rita

Saturday, August 8—St. Dominic, Priest
Sunday Liturgy
Saturday, August 8—Vigil—19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    4:30 pm †
Steve Dupin Int. Wife and Children
     Ann Brzek Int. Garner Family

Sunday, August 9—19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    8:00 am
People of Our Lady of Grace
     45th Wedding Anniversary of Dave and Kathy Gortat
    10:30 am † In Memory of Irene Dumich Int Rachon Family
     In Memory of Edward G. Clarkson Int. Wife, Rebecca and Children
    5:30 pm Mass Resuming at later date TBD (To Be Determined).

Gifts of Bread and Wine
Anyone who would like to bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar for a weekend Mass, please call the Parish Office, 838-0395.

Ministry to the Sick and Homebound
If a parishioner would like the Sacrament of the Sick beforer going into the hospital or spiritual care while in the hospital, call the Parish Office at 838-0395. The Sacrament of the Sick usually takes place after a weekday or weekend Mass..

Monday, January 6—Christmas Weekday8:30 AM † Jackie Bilka Int. Husband Michael & Daughter Michele Tuesday, January 7—Christmas Weekday 8:30 AM † Harry and Chris Kolisz Int. Dave and Kathy Gortat Wednesday, January 8—Christmas Weekday 8:30 AM † Helen A. Pipta Int. Pipta Family and Friends Thursday, January 9 —Christmas Weekday8:30 AM † George Velasquez Int. Family Friday, January 10— Christmas Weekday8:30 AM † Walter Kolisz Int. Emily & Louis Kolbus Saturday, January 11—Christmas Weekday8:30AM † In Loving Memory Stefania Szklarz Int. Daughter, Barbara and Family  SUNDAY LITURGYSaturday, Vigil: January 11—Baptism of the Lord4:30 PM † Uncle Paul Piekarczyk Int. Nieces, Camille, Danette and Alexis Sunday, January 12—Baptism of the Lord 7:00 AM People of Our Lady of Grace 9:00 AM † In Memory of Our 52nd Anniversary Int. Loving Wife, Children & Grandchildren 11:00 AM Elaine—Good Health and God’s Blessings Int. Grandmother, Virginia Gaskey5:30 PM † M/M Anton Mis Int. Famil
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