The Paschal Fast: “The Paschal Fast must be kept sacred. It should be celebrated everywhere on Good Friday, and where possible should be prolonged throughout Holy Saturday” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy # 110) Good Friday through Holy Saturday: These days are marked by fasting and by abstinence from meat. Please note that these days are not part of Lent or the Lenten Fast. The Paschal Fast is a fast of anticipation. The observance of this most ancient fast is a solemn way to prepare ourselves for the reception of the Easter Communion.

How do we fast?
The customary fast: This fast allows for only one full meal to be taken during the day. 2 smaller meals are permitted, if necessary, to maintain strength according to one’s needs. Eating solid foods between meals is not permitted.

The fast of the early church: This fast begins upon rising. No meals are taken until the customary work day (5pm) is ended. A glass of juice may be taken in the morning and simple liquids such as water, coffee and tea, during the day. The fast ends with a brief prayer followed by an adequate meal. For many this may work as a more natural way to fast. 

Age guidelines for fasting: Fasting is to be observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday by all Catholics who have celebrated their 18th birthday and who have not yet celebrated their 59th birthday. 

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Organizational Life

stewardshipClick on a Ministry below for more information.

Collection Counters

Selected parishioners prepare the weekly offerings for deposit.

Meetings are scheduled with commission members monthly to discuss the
current things that are going on in the parish. The meetings are usually held
before the Pastoral Council meetings and minutes from the meetings are
submitted to the Pastoral Council members for review. Publicity: Parishioners
help create and distribute information regarding parish activities, events,
special liturgical seasons and liturgies of the parish, parish organizations, and
the parish school.

Selected members meet with the Pastor to set the budget and review
expenses for the Church and School. Finance review meetings are held

This group provides hospitality for parish gatherings. If interested in
participating please contact the parish office.

All carpenters, plumbers, brick layers, painters, roofers, and gardeners are
needed. Please VOLUNTEER! Call the parish office and give your name and
how you can be reached to help with parish repairs and upkeep.

New Member Registration
All Catholics 18 years and older, living in the area are encouraged to
register at the parish office. Parish registration is required to be a sponsor
for Baptism, reception of First Reconciliation, reception of First Communion,
Confirmation, Celebration of Marriage, and the enrollment in the parish
school or Religious Education Programs. Arrangements are made through the
parish office.

Resource and Development
Resource and Development members discuss upcoming changes and additions
needed to the church property, such as sidewalk replacement around the
church, parking lot repairs, etc. Meetings are held as needed. Contact the
parish office if interested.

Being a member of our community means that each one of us must be faithful
in sharing the gifts God has given us. We are asked to share our faith, prayer, time, knowledge, skills, and financial resources for the good of God’s

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