Mass Schedule --- Mass Intentions



Saturday Vigil:
    4:30 PM

Sunday Masses:
    7:00 AM
    9:00 AM
  11:00 AM
    5:30 PM

Holy Day:
    6:00 PM (Vigil)
    6:30 AM
    9:00 AM
    6:30 PM

Daily Masses
Monday - Friday:

    8:30 AM
    5:30 PM

Saturday Mass:
    8:30 AM 

Saturday: 3 - 4 PM 
After 4:30 PM Mass


Monday - Friday:
    8:00 AM

    8:30 AM

Novena to the Miraculous Medal:
After 5:30 p.m. Mass on Friday


Sunday, December 8—Second Sunday of Advent

    7:00 am
People of Our Lady of Grace
    9:00 am † Deceased Member of Maman Family Int. M/M Patrick & Patricia Maman
  11:00 am † Joe Koselke Int. Wife, Maureen & Daughter, Colette
    5:30 pm Auntie Sally Carey and Uncle Jesse Rios Happy Birthday Int. Niece, Liz & Family

Monday, December 9—The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Not a Holy Day this year)

    8:30 am †
William Tumidalsky Int. Family
    5:30 pm † Carol and Bob Dalton Int. Family

Tuesday, December 10—Advent Weekday

    8:30 am †
Frank Dijak Int. Wife, Patricia Dijak
    5:30 pm † Elsie Wanicki Int. Sylvia Bellamy

Wednesday, December11—Advent Weekday

    8:30 am †
Joseph and Mary Camarillo Int. Villarreal Family
    5:30 pm † Carol Ryfa Int. Ryfa Family

Thursday, December 12—USA, Our Lady of Guadalupe

    8:30 am †
In Memory of William (Bill) Gard Int. MaryAnn and Family
    5:30 pm † Barbara Miller Int. Eli and Margaret Zak

Friday, December 13—St. Lucy, Virgin and Martyr

    8:30 am
Patty Vanek, Good Health Int. Neumaier Family
    5:30 pm † Danelle Tobin Int. With Love, Tobin Family

Saturday, December 14—St. John of the Cross, Priest and Doctor of the Church

    8:30 am †
Virg Bercier Int. Ray and Mary Bercier
                  † Amelia (Millie) Kmiecik Int. Dennis and Carol Medo

Saturday, Vigil: December 15—3rd Sunday of Advent

    4:30 pm †
Denise Korbel Int. Husband, Charles and Daughter, Laurel/Jacob Margraf and Grandchildren

Sunday, December 15—3rd Sunday of Advent

    7:00 am
People of Our Lady of Grace
    9:00 am † Josephine Balestra Int. Mary Balestra
  11:00 am † Helen & John Wachtor Int. Wallick Family
    5:30 pm † Gino F. Mauer Int. M/M Anthony Kamalick

Gifts of Bread and Wine
Anyone who would like to bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar for a weekend Mass, please call the Parish Office, 838-0395.

Ministry to the Sick and Homebound
If a parishioner would like the Sacrament of the Sick beforer going into the hospital or spiritual care while in the hospital, call the Parish Office at 838-0395. The Sacrament of the Sick usually takes place after a weekday or weekend Mass..

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