Important Announcement!!!   
  All Masses Suspended Until Further Notice 

Collection envelopes can be dropped off at the parish office or mailed in.  An AUTOMATED GIVING option “WE SHARE” is also available for making your parish contributions. It is easy to sign up for “WE SHARE”. Please contact Donna in the parish office at (219) 838-0395 if you would like additional information on We Share or to sign up. Thank you for your generosity." 

Letter and Memo From Bishop McClory Below:
Bishop Letter Faithful_March 26_English-Spanish

Mass Schedule --- Mass Intentions




Saturday Vigil:

    4:30 PM

Sunday Masses:

8:00 AM
10:30 AM
  5:30 PM

Daily Masses
Monday - Friday:

    8:30 AM

Saturday Mass:
    8:30 AM 

Saturday: 3 - 4 PM 
After 4:30 PM Mass


Monday - Friday:
    8:00 AM

    8:30 AM


Sunday, March 29—4th Sunday of Lent   
People of Our Lady of Grace

     Richard and Penny Machnic Int. Villarreal Family 
     Thomas J. Novosel Int. Hyacinth Burton and Family
     Albert Gelon Int. Carl & Elsie Cada

Monday, March 30—Lenten Weekday

Helen A. Pipta Int. Pipta Family and Friends

Tuesday, March 31—Lenten Weekday

     M/M Harry Dolatowski Int. Daughter, Nellie

Wednesday, April 1—Lenten Weekday

     Greg Zamites Int. Daughter, Liz Breslin

Thursday, April 2— Lenten Weekday

     Albert Gelon Int. M/M Warren Benko

Friday, April 3—Lenten Weekday

     Edward & Elsie Wanicke Int. Daughter, Carole

Saturday, April 4—Lenten Weekday

     Amelia Garza Int. Villarreal Family

Sunday Liturgy
Saturday, April 4—Vigil: Palm Sunday of the
Passion of the Lord

     Bernie, David and John Bock Int. Bock Family

Sunday, April 5—Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
People of Our Lady of Grace

     Evelyn Kozel Int. Grandchildren
     Barbara Wise and Larayne Bartlett Int. Loving Sister, JoAnn
     Fr. John Kalicky Int. Phil and Darlene Wetzel

Gifts of Bread and Wine
Anyone who would like to bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar for a weekend Mass, please call the Parish Office, 838-0395.

Ministry to the Sick and Homebound
If a parishioner would like the Sacrament of the Sick beforer going into the hospital or spiritual care while in the hospital, call the Parish Office at 838-0395. The Sacrament of the Sick usually takes place after a weekday or weekend Mass..

Monday, January 6—Christmas Weekday
8:30 AM † Jackie Bilka Int. Husband Michael & Daughter Michele
Tuesday, January 7—Christmas Weekday
 8:30 AM † Harry and Chris Kolisz Int. Dave and Kathy Gortat
Wednesday, January 8—Christmas Weekday
 8:30 AM † Helen A. Pipta Int. Pipta Family and Friends
Thursday, January 9 —Christmas Weekday
8:30 AM † George Velasquez Int. Family
Friday, January 10— Christmas Weekday
8:30 AM † Walter Kolisz Int. Emily & Louis Kolbus
Saturday, January 11—Christmas Weekday
8:30AM † In Loving Memory Stefania Szklarz Int. Daughter, Barbara and Family
Saturday, Vigil: January 11—Baptism of the Lord
4:30 PM † Uncle Paul Piekarczyk Int. Nieces, Camille, Danette and Alexis
Sunday, January 12—Baptism of the Lord
 7:00 AM People of Our Lady of Grace
 9:00 AM † In Memory of Our 52nd Anniversary Int. Loving Wife, Children & Grandchildren
 11:00 AM Elaine—Good Health and God’s Blessings Int. Grandmother, Virginia Gaskey
5:30 PM † M/M Anton Mis Int. Famil
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