Mass Schedule Change

September Reminders
During the month of September there will be a small change to our weekday Mass schedule. Beginning on Saturday September 7th, we will only have a single Mass on Saturday mornings here at Our Lady of Grace. The Saturday morning Mass will be at 8:30am. There are several reasons for this change.

  • Firstly, Saturdays are days that frequently have extra masses: Weddings are almost always on Saturdays. Funerals often occur on Saturdays. There are also evening Vigil Masses that happen every Saturday. When you combine weddings, funerals, vigils, and two weekday Masses, its possible that Fr. Brian and I could be responsible for covering 6-8 masses on a single Saturday (when you account for both of the Catholic Churches here in Highland)! Priests generally are only allowed by Canon Law and our US Bishops to celebrate two masses on week days and up to three on Sundays. This change will help our priests to not celebrate more masses then they are allowed to on Saturdays. Having two Saturday morning masses is a luxury from a time when there were three resident priests at OLG.
  • Secondly, we don’t really need two Masses on Saturday mornings since the attendance at the second Mass tends to be very low.
  • Thirdly, this change of time to 8:30 will align our Saturday morning Mass to be consistent with the rest of our weekday morning Mass schedule. All weekday morning masses will now be at 8:30 Mon-Sat. Please note, this change will not affect the weekend mass schedule in any way and the weekday evening mass at 5:30 also remains unchanged.
Fr. Gregory Bim-Merle
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